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Tyne Surface Treatments


Ad hoc customer since 2005

IT Support contract since 2013

With ten years of practical experience in supporting small and medium sizes businesses we are highly adept at finding the right balance on the “need versus cost” ratio for each individual customer.

It is quite easy to provide the best possible equipment and support, encompassing every possible eventuality if the budget is unlimited.

However in the real world the art lies in matching the services required by each individual business with a sensible budget for that business.

Sometimes we do have to tell businesses they need to spend more but more often than not we save them money on the unnecessarily complex solutions offered by other IT companies.

In one recent case we provided a network VLAN  solution to a local business that saved them £ 17,000 .

We did this by utilising their existing equipment rather than buying all new kit as suggested by a rival.

With some of our business customers going back to when we first started 10 years ago we are clearly doing something right.









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